The Department for Medicaid Services (DMS) Division of Community Alternatives:

The Department for Medicaid Services releases a response to Navigant’s 1915(c) waiver assessment final report (Published Oct. 15, 2018): On Sept. 20, 2018 the Department for Medicaid Services released the Navigant Consulting, Inc. final report on its assessment of Kentucky 1915(c) Home and Community Based waiver programs. The report included 11 recommendations for improving the programs and suggested next steps. The report finalized preliminary recommendations released in April 2018 and included feedback that the department collected from stakeholders in the spring of 2018.

Following a thorough review of the final report and stakeholder feedback, 1915(c) waiver staff, department leadership and leadership of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services selected and prioritized the recommendations and developed a response to the report. It includes the following information:

  1. Recommendations the department will adopt, how the department plans to adopt them and when you can expect to see program updates.
  2. Information on opportunities to learn more about the recommendations the department will implement, ask questions and get a more detailed explanation of what they mean for you.

Complete DMS Response to Navigant Final 1915(c) Waiver Assessment Report  

Navigant 1915(c) Waiver Assessment Final Report