Summer is here, and new adventures and opportunities await. How to enrich our children’s lives, prevent summer “slide,” squeeze in a vacation, and ensure safety are of great interest now. So… here are a few resources for you. 

10 ways to prevent summer slide.
Children can lose up to 3 months of academic progress over the summer, and nobody wants that! Here are 10 things families can do to help their child
avoid the summer slide.

What’s the National Summer Learning Association have to say?
Explore the NSLA’s website for great ideas and connections about camps, community initiatives, what the research has to say about summer learning, best practices in summer programs, funding, and much more.  

Top 10 summer activities for kids with special needs.
Summer can be a challenging time for children with special needs and their parents. Many families face a decrease in school and therapeutic hours. This may leave parents with extra time to fill during the day. created this
list of summer activities that don’t require weeks of planning, a small loan, or traveling further than the backyard.

A special needs pre-flight checklist: 16 things parents need to do before heading to the airport.
The title says it all. If you are going by plane with a child who has special needs,
this checklist is helpful.