Myth: Is that Dyslexia is not recognized as a part of the Specific Learning Disability (SLD) category to qualify for Individualized Education Program (IEP) in Kentucky.

Truth: Dyslexia is specifically listed under the Specific Learning Disability (SLD) definition in the Kentucky Administrative Regulations (KAR):

KAR 3:303. (59) “Specific learning disability” or “LD” means a disorder that adversely affects the ability to acquire, comprehend, or apply reading, mathematical, writing, reasoning, listening, or speaking skills to the extent that specially designed instruction is required to benefit from education. The specific learning disability (LD) may include dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, developmental aphasia, and perceptual/motor disabilities. The term does not include deficits that are the result of other primary determinant or disabling factors such as vision, hearing, motor Legislative Research Commission PDF Version impairment, mental disability, emotional-behavioral disability, environmental or economic disadvantaged, cultural factors, limited English proficiency, or lack of relevant research-based instruction in the deficit area. (

Kentucky Administrative Regulation regarding SLD eligibility in 707 KAR 1:310. Determination of eligibility (

Kentucky Department of Education (KDE):  Specific Learning Disability Guidance Document. The purpose of this document is to assist schools in conducting appropriate and comprehensive educational evaluations for students suspected of having a specific learning disability (SLD).

KDE: Reference tables used to determine student eligibility under the Specific Learning Disability category. The information is supported by the regulation 707 KAR 1:310 Determination of eligibility.