The KY Advisory Council on Autism Spectrum Disorders was signed into law to unify and promote initiatives aimed at improving Kentucky’s system of care for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families.  A key part of improving services across the life span for individuals with ASD is understanding your or your family member’s needs as they relate to transition from school into adult life and the strengths and challenges in Kentucky to community integration as an adult.  The Adolescent/Adult Subcommittee of the KY Advisory Council has developed a short survey for you to describe those needs and tell them what is most important in your life or that of your family member.  All responses will be kept confidential, and no individually identifiable information will be shared.  They will present the results of this survey in their Annual Report to the Governor and the State Legislature, so your voice is very important in letting your state leaders know about what is both working and not working in your life or that of your family member with ASD.

Please take a few moments to complete this survey.  You can take this survey if you are a parent/guardian of an individual with ASD, a youth with ASD, or an adult with ASD.

Click here to complete the survey Thank you for your time and valuable feedback.