Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation:

The 2022 Arthur Campbell, Jr. Advocacy Award Recipient – Rhonda Logsdon

The Arthur Campbell, Jr. Advocacy Award is presented by the Kentucky Statewide Council for Vocational Rehabilitation. This award is given annually by SCVR to a person who has passionately advocated for the rights and equitable treatment of individuals with disabilities, made a significant difference in the quality of life for all individuals with disabilities and has championed independent living, full inclusion and employment for all. Individual(s) who exemplify the traits of leadership, advocacy and dedication to assisting persons with disabilities are eligible for this award.

Rhonda, the Executive Director of KY-SPIN (Kentucky Special Parent Involvement), was nominated by Amber Hamm. Below is a snippet of Amber’s nomination letter for Rhonda:

“I could never put on paper the amount of hard work, dedication and hats worn by Rhonda. However, I do know that Rhonda has devoted her whole life to assisting those and giving a voice to those who are unable to do so for themselves. Rhonda speaks from the heart and puts action behind her words. She says all the time, if she can make a difference to just one it makes all the difference…this is not a job for Rhonda, but a lifestyle that she lives everyday!”

Rhonda – THANK YOU for being a voice, an advocate, and a friend to individuals with disabilities!