The Division of Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities (DDID) and the Human Development Institute (HDI) have partnered with the Kentucky Department for Public Health to develop and implement a program to help individuals with cognitive and mobility limitations to achieve a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and exercise.  The Community Health Education and Exercise Resources (CHEER) project is creating an advisory group to help empower Kentuckians with cognitive and mobility limitations to make healthy lifestyle choices that reduce negative health outcomes.

They are seeking self-advocates with cognitive and mobility limitations, family members, direct support professionals, providers of services for people with disabilities, and partners with an interest in health and disability issues.

Most importantly, they want people on the CHEER Advisory Group who are interested and excited about health and exercise. Be a part of our team. Gain and share valuable leadership skills. Get involved. CHEER for good health!

Download guidelines that provide more information about the CHEER Advisory Group and the commitment and financial support available for self-advocates, family members, and direct support professionals to participate.  To apply for a position on the CHEER Advisory Group, please complete the online application at:

Questions? Need a paper application or help completing the online form? Email Dr. Kathy Sheppard-Jones at or you may call Kathy at 859.257.8104.