Paulette Logsdon, Executive Director of KY-SPIN, has retired leaving a long legacy of service.  She has been with KY-SPIN since it began in 1988, she has dedicated 30 years to helping individuals with disabilities and their families at KY-SPIN and prior to that as well.  Paulette has paved the way for us all, not just in Kentucky but throughout the US to achieve great things for our families!  Although she will be greatly missed, she deserves this more than anyone and she will always be an important part of KY-SPIN.

Rhonda Logsdon was recently name the Executive Director of KY-SPIN.  Rhonda has been with KY-SPIN for 30 years in various capacities. She is a sibling of 3 whom have a disability and began as a teenager presenting for KY-SPIN. She is also a proud mom who foster/adopted her child. She is dedicated to assisting families and persons with disabilities to access needed information to be successful. Rhonda believes all children, no matter the severity of their disability, can achieve great things!