Pearson is working with national and international accessibility and math consultants to improve access to our digital tools and content for students with various disabilities.  They are pleased to invite students who are in Grades 8 through 12 to participate in a research study designed to inform the future development of test content and the use of digital calculation tools for math.

Their goal is to remove barriers to all content areas, including math and science.  Through our development efforts, we hope to open doors to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math for students who have historically experienced barriers due to their access needs.

They conduct Usability Testing with students, teachers, administrators, and parents. One-on-One usability testing with an experienced researcher allows us to get a clear understanding of how accessible, usable, and useful our products are.  Student confidentiality is maintained at all times and their identities will not be shared with anyone.

Time and Incentive to Participate:

Each appointment will take approximately 75 minutes and student participants will be given a $150 Visa card for their participation.

We Need Students:

They are looking for students with learning disabilities who are functioning at or near grade-level.  They would like to find students who are comfortable and familiar with using computers and who meet the following qualifications:

Students with Learning Disabilities:

o   Grades 8-12 and functioning at or near grade level

o   Currently enrolled in or have taken Algebra I or above

o   Regularly use a read-aloud accommodation and/or assistive technology to support reading or writing activities

Parent Permission Required:

All students who participate will require a signed consent form from their parent or guardian.


The study is being conducted in the states of Arizona and Kentucky.  Within each state, locations will vary and will be communicated with the parent or guardian prior to the study.  Locations will be in public buildings and may include, but not be limited to:

  • Public schools
  • Schools for the blind
  • Learning Disabilities Association Facilities
  • Universities
  • Pearson Offices, where available

If parking fees are required at any given location, Pearson will cover the cost for parking.


Studies will be conducted in the state of:

  • Kentucky from September 21, 2015 – September 25, 2015
  • Arizona from September 28, 2015 – October 2, 2015

There will be 2-to-5, 75-minute time slots available each day.  

How to Participate:

If you are interested in having your child participate, please click on the link below to provide us with additional information. This information will then be used to make sure that this study is a good fit for your child.  Please complete the survey as soon as possible so that you can get the best choice of available time slots:

Click here to take the survey

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Local Recruiting Support

Pearson has contracted with Steve Noble, adjunct faculty and researcher from the University of Louisville, to assist us in recruitment and administration of studies in the state of Kentucky.

He will be working to recruit students and coordinate study times during the research team’s schedule for when they are in Kentucky the week of September 21, 2015.  You can contact him at or 502-969-3088 for further information or to discuss scheduling.

If you have questions about the research and what your child will do during the 75 minute session please email Rusty Brandt at, or call him at 602-384-4941.