KY-SPIN Special Education Law- IDEA and 504 Webinar 4/8/20 PowerPoint Handouts: 504 Plan for Public School (KY P&A), FAQ: Kentucky Specific Regulations as related to IDEA 2004 Part B (ages 3-21) Chart (KY-SPIN, Inc.), Communicating with your child’s school through letter writing (CPIR), Guidance Document for Individualized Education Program (IEP) Development (Kentucky Department of Education — KDE), Questions and Answers On Individualized Education Programs (IEPs),  Evaluations, and Reevaluations (OSEP) 

KY-SPIN’s Special Education Process 4-16-20 webinar {PowerPoint} Handouts: KY-SPIN FAQ-Kentucky-Specific-Regulations-as-related-to-IDEA-2004-Part-B, PACER’s Introducing Your Child – Student Snapshot, KY-SPIN, Inc. Information Sheet Series “How to Get An Evaluation for Your Child Through School” (ages 3-21), KDE’s IEP Guidance Document