Myth: The parent has no options if they do not agree with the school’s evaluation results.

Truth: If the parent is not in agreement with the schools initial and subsequent evaluations in Kentucky they can request through the school an Independent Education Evaluation (IEE) at the public school’s expense.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA) Regulations
Part 300 / E / 300.502 Independent educational evaluation. (b) (1) A parent has the right to an independent educational evaluation at public expense if the parent disagrees with an evaluation obtained by the public agency, subject to the conditions in paragraphs (b)(2) through (4) of this section.

Kentucky Administrative Regulations (KAR)
707 KAR 1:340. Procedural safeguards and state complaint procedures. Section 2. Independent Educational Evaluation. (6) A parent shall be entitled to only one (1) independent educational evaluation at public expense each time the public agency conducts an evaluation with which the parents disagree.

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