Sample List of Workshops

KY-SPIN (Special Parent Involvement Network) Parent Center is a statewide project of KY-SPIN, Inc. KY-SPIN Parent Center PTI (Parent Training & Information Project) is funded by the U.S. Dept. of Education.  KY-SPIN Parent Center provides training, information and support for children and youth with all types of disabilities (birth through 26 years old), their parents, families, and professionals. The mission of KY-SPIN is to link families and individuals with disabilities to valuable resources that will enable them to live productive, fulfilling lives.

Through a “Families Training Families” model, community workshops are conducted on education laws, rights, listening and communication skills, to promote a better understanding of rights and responsibilities.

KY-SPIN Parent Center provides families with the knowledge, skills, information and support they need to obtain improved services for their children.  Informed Family-Professional education leads to improved Family-Professional partnerships.

Workshops and booths for parents and professionals are on-going throughout Kentucky.  There is no fee for KY-SPIN Parent Center – PTI services.  Resource materials and referral services are also available.  We assist families through one on one consultation stepping through the process of accessing services for their child. SPIN publishes E-News several times a month. If you would like additional information please complete this Contact Form or Subscribe to Our Newsletter.