State Advisory Council for Exceptional Children (SACEC) – SACEC is holding a meeting on Monday, April, 27, 2020.  As part of this meeting, the SACEC also provides an Open Forum inviting the public to participate.  All parents and educators are invited to attend the open forum that begins at 2:30 pm ET on April 27. The open forum allows anyone interested to provide information before the Council members.

The open forum will be virtual and this means we need to prepare some information in advance of the meeting.  If you would like to submit information in advance that will be read at the open forum, please send that information to Joe McCowan from KDE:  If you would like to speak during this virtual meeting, please let Joe know this also, so we can prepare a list of speakers during the open forum.

You may access the SACEC open forum by going to the KDE Media Portal

To ask questions during the open forum, participants will be able to go to:, and use the access code: sacec.

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