Staff photo collage at events

Abby O’Keeffe,
Transition-Age Parent Educator

  • Advocate, Ally and Mom
  • Lifelong Learner and Skill Seeker
  • Passionate about employment and independence for all individuals

Amber Hamm
Amber Hamm, 
Transition Age Parent Educator

  • Mother and advocate
  • 5+ years professional experience
  • 14 of personal experience
  • Northern Kentucky
  • Loves dogs, carbs and helping others

Davis Rodriguez

Davis Rodriguez,

Youth Engagement Coordinator

  • Father of 4
  • Advocate
  • 8 year of personal experience
  • Yankee by birth southern by choice
  • Love video games and sports
  • God, family, Football

Eileen Hoover

Eileen Hoover,
Early Childhood/Adolescent Parent Liaison

  • Have 4 children and 1 in heaven
    • 3 boys have special needs
  • From upstate NY
  • Registered Nurse
  • I love swimming, video games, and good pizza. 

Jenny Townsend
Jenny Townsend,
Content Curator

  • Mother of 5
  • I live in Fayette Co
  • I love my grandbabies, long drives and camping

Kellie Smith

Kellie Smith, 
Assistant Director

  • Mother and advocate
  • 7+ years professional experience
  • 26 years personal experience
  • Madison County
  • Loves dogs, naps and good food 

Kylie McCarthy

Kylie McCarthy,
Early Childhood Parent Educator

  • I am a mother of 8 minions, 3 wonderful minions of my own, and 5 bonus minions, big blended family
  • I live in Jefferson county, I grew up in the country though, and it runs through my veins
  • 9 years personal experience
  • Passionate about advocating


Nick Carpenter
Nick Carpenter,
Youth Educator

  • 23 years old
  • Autism diagnosis
  • 12 years advocacy experience
  • Serves as a mentor to children with disabilities
  • I like roleplaying games, video games and spending time with my dog

Rhonda Logsdon

Rhonda Logsdon,
Executive Director

  • Proud foster/adoptive mom
  • Lifetime sibling
  • 35+ years professional experience
  • Dedicated to assisting families and persons with disabilities access needed resources