Amber Hamm, 
Transition Age Parent Educator

  • Mother and advocate
  • 5+ years professional experience
  • 14 of personal experience
  • Northern Kentucky
  • Loves dogs, carbs and helping others

Jenny Townsend,
Executive Assistant

  • Mother of 5
  • I live in Fayette Co
  • I love my grandbabies, long drives and camping

Kellie Smith,
Assistant Director

Kellie Smith has been with KY-SPIN for over 5 years. She has lived in Central Kentucky for the past 18 years, but Leslie County will always be “home”. She has an adult son with a Traumatic Brain Injury and their road has not been easy. As a young single mother in Leslie County, she had a difficult time finding resources and desperately needed assistance in her home town and even in surrounding towns. She had no idea what services were really needed, much less how to find and access them. She felt completely alone. She left Leslie County in 2001 in pursuit of a better life for him. Her goals are to educate parents that are in the same position she found herself in all those years ago and still often find herself in today, connect them will valuable resources and opportunities to assist their child live their best life and to make sure that they know they are not alone.

Nick Carpenter,
Youth Educator

  • 23 years old
  • Autism diagnosis
  • 12 years advocacy experience
  • Serves as a mentor to children with disabilities
  • I like roleplaying games, video games and spending time with my dog

Rhonda Logsdon,
Executive Director

Rhonda Logsdon has been with KY-SPIN for over 30 years in various capacities. She is a sibling and began as a teenager presenting for KY-SPIN. She is a proud mom who foster/adopted the greatest gift of her life! She is dedicated to assisting families and persons with disabilities to access needed information to be successful. Rhonda believes all children, no matter their disability, can achieve great things! With over 30 years of experience in the disability field, Rhonda brings experience not only as a professional, but as a family member.