Roberta Alston, Consultant

Roberta Alston has worked for SPIN for 30 years in a variety of capacities. She is the parent of one son, a proud grandparent, doting aunt and great-aunt, who enjoys spoiling and then sending everyone home so parents can try to undo her spoiling, and at one time was a caregiver of 3 at the same time.

Her introduction to Special Education began when her son was diagnosed with a disability in the second grade. She quickly learned there are right and wrong ways for a child with disability to get an education. It takes lots of patience and perseverance.

Through the years she has served on the various boards throughout the state. She is an avid reader, dabbles in gardening and painting, loves driving (it helps her relax), and working in her church. Her goal is to let everyone know that all children can learn, they just may learn differently.

Rhonda Logsdon, Executive Director

Rhonda Logsdon has been with KY-SPIN for 30 years in various capacities. She is a sibling of 3 whom have a disability and began as a teenager presenting for KY-SPIN. She is also a proud mom who foster/adopted her child. She is dedicated to assisting families and persons with disabilities to access needed information to be successful.  Rhonda believes all children, no matter the severity of their disability, can achieve great things!

Ava Stidham, Material Specialist

Ava Stidham is a longtime employee of KY-SPIN.  She has more than 25 years of dedicated service in helping families with children with disabilities. Ava is a happily married mother of two children and four grandchildren. Ava is known in the office as the “go to” person. In Ava’s spare time, she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and attending Southeast Christian Church.

Stella Beard, Assistant Director

I have been in involved in Special Education and Advocacy work for many years.  My husband Ryan and I have 4 children – JB (24), Clayton (21), Taylor (16) and Cole (15).  Our son Clayton has Williams syndrome.  I have worked in Special Education in different school systems as a Parent Resource Coordinator, Special Education Liaison and Special Education Program Assistant.  Some of those duties included assisting families in locating resources in their local area and helping them become better advocates for their children. Learn more

Ian Rosser, Statewide Outreach Specialist

I grew up in the foster care system. I spent 13 years in care and entered in at age 8 and then recommitted at 18 to 21. With alcohol and drug abuse going on in the home among other things, Ian went back and forth from care to home, but eventually was permanently placed in states care with my mom’s TPR (Termination of Parental Rights). Learn more

Kellie Smith, Training Coordinator & Eastern KY Region Representative

I am a 39 year-old mother and advocate in Berea. I have lived in or around Madison County for the past 17 years, but Leslie County will always be “home”. I have a 21 year-old son with a Traumatic Brain Injury and our road has not been easy. Learn more