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Dear Friend;

Each year, since 1988, KY-SPIN, Inc. (Kentucky Special Parent Involvement Network) has provided assistance to over 7,000 individuals in our state whose lives are affected by some type of disability. We are the only Parent Center in Kentucky exclusively for families who have children with disabilities.  We serve all ages and all disabilities. There is never a charge for our services.  We are all parents or family members, or persons with disabilities helping others in similar situations.  This fundraising campaign allows our organization to provide services to those throughout Kentucky who desperately need our assistance.

While we are the recipient of a federal grant as the Parent Training and Information (PTI) Center for the state, the need in Kentucky far exceeds the amount of our federal funding.  KY-SPIN provides training and information regarding special education rights and responsibilities to parents, family members, grandparents and persons with disabilities so that they can obtain better educational services for their family member with a disability.  Most people don’t realize that children and youth with disabilities did not have educational rights until 1975; our kids are truly the final minority to receive the right to fully participate in public education programs.

As one mom, Niki Reed said, As a mom with a son with Autism, I appreciate the hard work and efforts to get the info out to parents!! It is a lot easier to be informed this way from other parents!”

This fundraiser comes at a time when our entire economy is facing challenges never encountered before.  Our families are facing many issues, and need the peace of mind of knowing they have done all they possibly can to insure a positive educational future for their children with disabilities. We are being asked to do more and more with less; therefore we are asking for your help to continue to meet the needs of the families we serve.

The average cost of one-to-one assistance for each family we serve is $75; and the cost of each workshop including all training materials and travel is $250.  By making a contribution to KY-SPIN we can continue to offer services throughout Kentucky, including the most isolated areas of the state.  Your contribution will ensure that families living with disabilities will have a place to turn for the assistance that is so desperately needed.

Please click on the Donate button below to contribute.  Every donation, no matter what size, is greatly appreciated and will be put to excellent use. Thank you in advance for your willingness to support our efforts and make a difference in the life of a child. 


KY-SPIN, Inc. is classified as a 501(c)(3) organization, and your donation is tax deductible. Our federal tax identification number is 61-1210949.

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